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State of the Blog: 6 Nov

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Which Notre Dame de Paris character are you?

You are Frollo! You are intelligent in everything but love. When it comes to that, you easily become jealous, and do things you later regret. You try to suppress all romantic feelings, because you feel you have to.Your role in the play: You are the villain. But you aren't hated.
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What character from 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' are you?

You are Frollo---you have a never-ending struggle for power and control, with the determination and courage to win through. Actions:~~~Wanting to possess~~~ keeping what you havegetting your shareacquiring material goodshanging on to someonebeing greedypenny-pinchingdeclaring ownershipsaving ~~~Maintaining control~~~ wanting to be in chargedenying weaknessdirectingdemanding complianceinsisting on your own wayimposing structuresetting limits and rulescreating order ~~~Blocking change~~~ maintaining the status quowanting everything to stay the samerefusing to look at new approachesstagnatingobstructing new developmentsholding on to the presentresisting the flow Tarot Card: Four of PentaclesOpposing characters: some possibilities:Quasimodo--introspectiveEsmerelda--not thinking for themselvesPhoebus--roughClopin--wanting an answerHugo--embracing follyLaverne--combing forcesReinforcing characters:The Archdeacon--examining motivationsVictor--diligenceElement: IceMagick power: Ice or electricity beamEmotion: JusticeHumorous Frollo horoscope:You are practical and persistint. You posses a dogged determination and you work like hell. Most people think you are a stubborn and spoiled asshole. You are nothing but a pinko communist.PS. DON'T TAKE THE HOROSCOPE PERSONALLY.
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Okay, I'm back.

But i don't feel like writing. I've written a lot in my story. So the vacation was good for me.
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I'm going to be gone for over a week, so don't expect any updates or shit like that. I'm working on a snupin, my own story, latin, etc. so this is a great relief and I'll be able to focus on my own novel and finishing up the damned latin course.

You know what, next year I'm going to begin to study greek, since my dad has textbooks.

Dom Claude Frollo (in hunchback of notre dame) is fluent in french (duh...), Latin (duh too), greek and hebrew. This is all by the time he's sixteen. By the time he's nineteen he's taking care of his infant brother Jehan, who reminds me of Zack- VIVIDLY... it's rather scary.

I've already beaten him. On several accounts. (the laungages and debating skills, slightly better ha! And I have better fights...) Okay, this is really getting strange, I'm compairing myself to some made up character.

I drew an amazing picture of Esmeralda a few days ago, and now I've drawn a fairly good picture of Jehan, modeled after Zack.

Hugs for now.

See ya in a week,


Edit "Torn" would make a really good song theme for Esmeralda. I mean, Hello, her lover doesn't try to save her, and then she gets burned at the stake. I read this interesting fanfiction that was not an AU, but another way to get to the end, and it was this really great scene between Frollo and Esmelda and just amazing...

Oh in the first book (HBND is devided into eleven books) there is only four references to Claude Frollo, all from Jehan- his younger brother (actually named Johannes, but he's called Jehan the windmill because he's got long limbs. Mostly it's him mentioning that his brother is an archdeacon, which he uses as an excused: "I'll do it, even if my brother is an archdeacon" I love that line... ^_^

The movie sort of screws it up, since Dom Claude Frollo isn't even in the festival of folls and they took out the two characters who consistantly dominate the scenes: Jehan and Gringorie. They have it take place outside, whereas it's a play inside that turns to be a flop. Quasi doesn't come in until chapter five... okay... we get it... it's not all about Quasi, the book is one long rant about paris.

Well Duh...

I made a flash about that...

I updated my deviant art page. my deviant art.

edit 2 I can't believe how many times I used dom in a non sexual sense... oh god! Well, Dom Claude Froll I'd bet money on is a dom. You all know what I mean... hehe..
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Title: "It is a big deal"
challange: what's wrong with it?
warnings: implied Tonks, pre-slash

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I just got my braces tightened so I'm in so much pain that it sucks...

Grr.... why do I have to get braces now... it's not fair...........

I drew this really great picture that I wish I could scan up, but my scanner won't work. It is honestly the best one that I have ever drawn. No smut, just my version of Esmeralda.
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I'm going on vacation next week. Camp's out, so ha, no more little weeners.

I just finished a chapter in my latin text book. Man is that exhasting. I'm going to have to sleep. 6 more chapters to go, i think.

I found the worst translation of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" it kept on referenceing west minster and england, since the edition was one of the older ones that makes me sick. Not all old ones are bad. There was this really lovely one of "Dr. Zhivago" i read last summer.

Must sleep... grr...

Edit, posting more dollies from story.
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Hunchback of Notre Dame

Okay. I know I have a secret not so secret obsession w/ "The hunchback of Notre Dame".

I've been listening to the Disney soundtrack (the movie doesn't do it justice). Unfortunatly, right now I'm at my parents' house so my dad is getting me up (as usual) about my odd music tatses.

I really need to reread the damned book. GRRR.... MUST FIND!
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